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PrepZone Kids Daycare is a 5-star licensed home daycare located in Charlotte, North Carolina. Here at PrepZone Kids, we empower learning at an early age while encouraging creativity, imagination, and endless fun!

Why Choose PrepZone Kids Daycare?


We provide the nurture and guidance necessary to inspire unique and eager learning within your child. We encourage constant growth and endless learning.


We give you peace of mind that you made a positive decision by selecting us as professional and caring child care providers. Our commitment is to the happiness and well being of your child.


We provide nothing less than the best of dependable care for your child. No matter your child’s age or way of learning, you can trust us to provide a safe place for your child to thrive.

Our Program

Gee Whiz Education® is the curriculum that helps children learn through play and exploration. It is a favorite among family child care providers because this program is fun, easy-to-use and comprehensive. Addressing all areas of development for children birth through PreK, Gee Whiz Education® brings a strong, yet fun, educational focus to family child care programs. With Gee Whiz Education®…boredom is no more!

Gee Whiz Education® was founded in 2012 to support family child care providers in the important work they do each day with children and families. The program addresses all ages and meets state and national standards.

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PrepZone Kids Daycare is a five-star licensed home daycare located in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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7:30 am – 5:00 pm
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